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Carpenter Cave photographed by John Newman

OIG Programs

  • In 2009, OIG submitted an Environment Initiative and Audit Plan for the Labor, Public Protection, and Energy and Environment cabinets to the cabinet secretaries. This plan detailed OIG's criminal environmental investigative background and duties as well as the mission and potentialities of OIG's auditing section. To read this plan, click here.

  • OIG has made a substantial impact on illegal dumping throughout Kentucky through its Illegal Dumpsite Initiative. Since 1999, surveillance cameras have been deployed at approximately 142 locations.  One hundred seventy-nine incidents of illegal activity were recorded involving 183 individuals. OIG has covered at least 108,457 miles to deploy, maintain, investigate and check on illegal dumpsites.  Seventy-seven private property dumps and 176 roadside dumps have been identified by OIG investigators and referred to the Division of Waste Management for further action.  Since the inception of the program, 98 video Notices of Violations have been issued.  The cabinet ordered 560 tons of trash to be removed and $165,000 in civil penalties have been levied.